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Ethics – Dream Mission

1) NO MANIPULATIVE SELLING: No manipulative selling strategies and tactics are allowed at Dream Mission. If find by our ethical officers and founders, strict action will be taken against them, these include:

If sponsor is not giving support, no comission will be given to him/her. Other sponsor will be appointed from our side that will give you support.

2) CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: We are committed to continuous improvement in product quality, user experience, and ethical standards by welcoming feedback and staying abreast of industry developments.

3) GUARANTEED USER EMPOWERMENT: We empower users by providing them with personal time, tools and knowledge that enable personal growth and development.

4) TRUST, FAIRNESS AND HONESTY: Fairness and transparency in our affiliate is ensured.

5) PRIVACY PROTECTION: We safeguard user data and respecting their privacy is paramount. We adhere strictly to data protection laws and best practices, ensuring transparent data collection, use, and storage.

6) ETHICAL SALES TRAINING: We provide regular training and resources to employees, affiliates, and partners regarding ethical standards and best practices.

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